Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the role of soccer mom will now be played by megan ward*

i have to be honest, i was a little nervous when the nanny's vacation coincided with the husband's business trip. not to mention both trips followed the long thanksgiving weekend! that meant i would be doing EVERYTHING: cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, making 4 school trips a day, etc. right along with all my regular obligations. so i tried to line up support troops for last minute back-up in case any professional conflicts arose and proceeded to put on my domestic goddess hat.

before my solo-all-purpose-homemaker skills would be put to the test, there was the thanksgiving 4-day weekend. turkey day alone could have done me in but the whole weekend turned out to be surprisingly relaxing and celebratory. the mother-in-law has threatened my assumption of the super cooking duties (and my first turkey) for years but it was not possible until our remodel enabled the installation of an-oven-specifically-purchased-for-cooking-holiday-meals-in! at the last minute she decided she simply could not give up her tradition so i only had to prepare my 2 annual dishes on/in my giant range. as a consolation prize, we did then have a gathering for my immediate family in our home. however, it was a pot luck brunch so i was spared again the possibility ruining the main dish! now i have no reason to expect i couldn't actually put out a whole spread, i've just never done it. there in lies the FEAR!

fatefully, my reprieve will be short lived. i have been informed officially, with absolutely no take backs, for the first time: CHRISTMAS EVE WITH MICHAEL'S FAMILY WILL TAKE PLACE IN MY HOME! now this is an even bigger deal than thanksgiving, but its time for grandma to let others take over. if there was ever a time for me to accept responsibility and spend the time, this is the year. sadly as i self motivate with internal words of confidence, my son informs me how sad he is we won't be going to grandma's! geez, i can't win.

but back to my "role of a lifetime." bright and early monday morning i tackled my "job" with unnecessary vigor. i was determined not to let a speck of dust settle. i was obsessed with using every setting on my new washer. i was inspired to make dinners that the whole family would eat. in short, i had passion for what i had been missing the last few years. i found that i hadn't forgotten how to do it all and that i could make up stuff when circumstances surprised me. i found my efforts of building a house for my family had even bigger dividends when i added the simple ingredient of me. i heard internal applause when my kids responded to my requests or simply volunteered a spontaneous hug.

ultimately i learned that validation and purpose come in many forms. you just have to be careful where you look for it. i am constantly adjusting my balance in life. this thanksgiving season i am once again reminded that i have purpose, ability and those who do appreciate my efforts. that makes me humble with gratitude.

so, now i can move on to the gift of giving. naked tree is in the living room surrounded by boxes of ornaments. hmm, do i dare make a main dish for christmas eve or reserve my bowling ball of ham in the morning? either way, my family will still love me. (plan to bribe with presents just in case)

hope all your bellies are full....


*disclaimer: written with glass of wine in hand while kiddies watch its a charlie brown christmas. please excuse the sentimentality and grammar/spelling errors....


  1. i hope your christmas gathering is everything you want it to be & you make good use out of the-oven-specifically-purchased-for-cooking-holiday-meals-in :D

    thanks for blogging :)

  2. awe, hope you had a happy thanksgiving! who doesn't love going to grandma?! come on! grandma give out the best presents of all!... o i wonder if thats how my mom feel when we are all excited to go to grandma's and not stay home. :x

    four words.. GOOD LUCK with christmas

    love how your blog always have a meaning to it.

    ooo megan we won't bug you about the spelling errors this time.. hehe

    omg! first blog where I don't have to google anything! yay!

    Have you and your family have a happy holiday!

    Thank you for blogging

    much love... the little asian

  3. Hey Megan, So nice to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family....that's what it is all about--Family!!! And to know that for the first time, Megan Ward will be taking on the role of Christmas Eve celebrations at her home. Oh wow, I can see a new blog in the making!!! Canh't wait to hear how it all turns out!!! lol

    Thanks again for taking time to blog especially while kids are watching "time-honored" Charlie Brown Christmas....so tell me Megan, do you remember watching it as a child their age? I am dating myself, but I do remember watching it especially the Charlie Brown Christmas tree moment!!! And I am older than you!!! Strange how things we watched as children can still charm our children as well!

  4. I'm glad your Thanksgiving turned out to be relaxing,specially receiving hugs from children was the best part.

    Christmas Eve with IN-LAWS..WOOO, that's a little more nerve racking, but I have confidence that you'll pull it off just beautifuly and deliciously !!

    I admire that you always appreciate everything you have and recieve. I'm learning from you and it sure helps to balance our lives.

    Thanks for the blog,it'sAlways good to hear from you. Take care

  5. Hey Megan,

    Happy to hear you and your family had a wonderful and relaxing Turkey Day! I am sure your christmas eve with the in-laws will be just as wonderful.

    Thanks for the blog! Hope to hear from you again soon.

    Love Ya,


    ps. I was watching Charlie Brown's Christmas tonight too. lol

  6. Megan, so happy to hear you had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving with your family. And I’m sure Christmas Eve will be perfect.

    I always enjoy reading your blogs…and sentimental is good. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Thanks for the blog Megan! Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. I am sure Christmas eve will be wonderful too. I remodeled my kitchen and dining room now the family seems to think since I have the most room to seat everyone for a meal well..I had Easter, Thanksgiving and have now been volunteered (told) I should have Christmas. Oh well guess the good part is since I live in Minnesota ( which is getting a major snowstorm right now) I wont have to go out in the cold. Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to hear how Christmas Eve dinner goes.

  8. Just returned to chilly Cali (from toasty CR) and needed your blog to warm me up and get me into the Holiday Spirit! Funny how this time of year always makes me a little overly sentimental and sappy (and I love it). Thanks for always sharing - your blog puts a smile on my face.

    PS - my only minor regret is not joining in a glass of wine or even better warm eggnog, but luckily I will be off that restriction in time for the next FCW MW event spectacular!

  9. Aw Megan thanks for the blog! Oh and sentimental works, especially this time of year when I'm reminded once again that "It's a Wonderful Life"!

    Loved reading about your Thanksgiving and coming Christmas plans. I'm sure Christmas Eve in your home will Rock - no presents required - but definitely appreciated.

    So happy you're enjoying the most important things in life and thanks again for the reminder of what exactly they are.

  10. Megan,
    The gift of giving!Thats what you have done,thanks for the Blog.When you put that domestic goddess hat on,all the roles you take on are so challenging,but you meet each one and at the end of day all the hats come off,but the Mommy hat still remains with a grateful heart.
    It sounds like you really want to but that Chef hat on!The in-laws will be amazed!Do you even have time to work outside of the home right now.I know you will find time when the opportunity comes.We miss you!

  11. Glad you had a nice thanksgiving with the family...good luck with xmas glad to hear ur well and keeping busy...thanks for blogging!!!

    love and respect


  12. I'm loving the sentimental blog! Nothing like the holidays to make you feel all mushy inside. My baby boy is three weeks old today so I have been very sentimental lately. Since he was only a week old at the time, I got out of all cooking duties for thanksgiving. Next up is babies first xmas...not that he'll remember but I'm still excited! I don't yet feel like a domestic goddess like you...I feel more like an around the clock food machine but it's all worth it when I look at him :)
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    *my disclaimer- written with one hand (other hand is holding baby) and written with almost no sleep for three weeks. lol

  13. Megan:
    I'm glad your Thanksgiving turned out great; again you made our day with your blog. You know Megan we love you, and we have your back again.


    love that you was drinking lol

  14. Reading your first paragraph and the laundry list of "homemaker" obligations all I could think was - welcome to my world!! 10 years and counting. You sum it up beautifully, as so true that simple "spontaneous hug" makes it worthwhile and then some.

    On the flipside, just this week I yet again took inspiration from you and your tireless aspirations for your career, as it is time for me to re-enter that world of the living. Monday morning I met with three gentlemen at a Fortune 500 company for the first interview I have had in like 15 years, yikes. Although, the job itself a no-brainer, i was a nervous nelly having to justify what i've done and who i am with men who quite possibly were now younger than i am.

    As i prepared, visions of you raced through my head as i recall the intense summaries of those "interviews" you have and continue to endure time and again. Your mindset to continue to climb that mountain and appreciate the journey has set well with me and I thank you.

    Yesterday i was informed i got that job and now i have to figure out how to make it work. What to do with the kids after school, on school breaks, what the heck to do with the DOG (do NOT buy that puppy, borrow one for a week and then make your decision), will we eat out every night or will i have to "plan ahead". Endless. Better get off this computer and finish that Christmas shopping before I am only left to do it on a weekend with the the rest of humanity.

    Thanks for the blog! Best wishes always,

  15. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Glad to hear it. =) You'll do great for Christmas Eve; don't you worry. I have a good feeling. ;)

    Thanks for blogging! <3

  16. Megan,
    I am so glad that Thanksgiving turned out to be relaxing and enjoyable. And what can be better than hugs from a child? In my opinion absolutely nothing. Christmas Eve with the In-laws I predict that it will be wonderful no matter how the food turns out (even though I have a feeling everything will turn out to be delicious) because you will have the most important thing. Being surrounded by the people you love and who love you the most (and hey the presents certainly won’t hurt). As always loved reading your blog and I can’t wait to hear about Christmas.

  17. What a nice treat to come home to.. a terrific blog to read after a day spent in the hospital having cancer removed.. ugh.. so nice to hear of you just being a Mom, housewife and cook during this time of year.. it is Very important to spend as much time with loved ones as you can.. don't stress about the cooking I have no doubt you are fabulous at it just like Everything else in your life! Can't wait to read about how it all turns out.. And PLEASE.. I ask with the biggest HOPE.. Have an EVENT this summer so I can come and see you again!!!!!

    Missing You.. Kimmie <3

  18. Thanks for the latest blog Megan. Glad you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.

    And omg, I was watching Charlie Brown Christmas with a glass of wine last night too - ha - even though my kids are grown and off at school. My siblings and I still call each other every year to remind one another to watch - since we grew up with that holiday TV special - it became a tradition.

    Many wishes for to you and yours for a happy holiday season with family and friends.


  19. That was a fun read on your hectic two weeks, thank you for posting this blog.

    Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season.


  20. pics of my baby boy...


  21. It's that time of year, when the world falls in love, every song you hear seems to say---------
    "Megan Ward Blogged" and made all our pleas come true...... ;-)

    Thanks for the blog and sharing your 'sentimental journey' about the last few weeks and your upcoming duties! I am sure you will be such a wonderful hostess that it will become a tradition to spend every holiday in your home. (If it was me, I would mess something up on purpose--so they don't get that idea in their head.) ;-)

    Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!
    <3 <3

  22. What a special gift you're giving to Oliver and Audrey this holiday season ... that special time spent with you! I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope your Christmas is every bit as fantastic. I have no doubt that your Christmas Eve festivities will turn out perfect - because of all your preparations and also simply because you'll all be spending it together.

    Happy Holidays to you!! :)

  23. Hey Megan, Thanks so muc for sharing. I always love hearing about your "real" life!

    When you were getting all that great advice on "turning 40", I bet everyone forgot to mention that now that you were officially a "gorwn up", you would soon be assuming the responsibilitiesof holiday get-togethers! Now comes the good part--it's time for you to make your own family rituals. I'm sure that Oliver and Audrey will love having Christmas at their own home even more than going to grandma's.

    Just a bit of advice for Christmas Eve--make sureyou are VERY familiar with your new oven and actually know how to operate it! LOL And, it never hurts to have a ham around the house (non-human kind) just in case! It's always good for sandwiches, etc, during the holiday week!

    I know you will have a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. And please remember, it does not have to be perfect! It will be great because you will have put your love and time into it, and in the long run, that's what your family really wants.

    Your innate ability to love and be loved will carry the day!

    love, peace & happiness


  24. How does a bored Kaiser High School Alum spend his Sunday? Sending random notes to peeps he knew 25 years ago... I happened to check the Wikipedia page for Kaiser High School, your name was there (under "Notable alumni", nice work Megan), so I thought I'd follow a couple of links and send you a note for fun :)

    I doubt if you even remember me, I used to work at Foodland & later at Magoo's Pizza (both in Kokomarina) after school. Sometimes we would share some sidewalk down Lunalilo Home Road as you went home and I went to work. If you don't recall me, it's all good. It's been awhile...

    Just thought I'd send a note to say grats on the career, family, and everything else. As silly a movie as it was, I think I liked you in "Joe's Apartment" the best :P

    I was never much into the whole L.A. scene, I just stuck to Honolulu... I'm still writing lyrics, not sure if I had shared that with you before. I'll be submitting some songs for this year's Billboard songwriting contest for the first time, should be interesting...

    Anyways, check out my tunes and let me know what you think.


    Talk to you later sometime if you aren't too busy,

    Rich Kennedy
    Kaiser '86

  25. awww isn't it great that people from way back when find you.. i love hearing about what you were up to when you were younger.. you know.. a couple of years ago..wink wink.. hope you had a great weekend.. did you do the cookie making party? miss you!! Much love..

  26. Hey Megan, if you are playing the role of "soccer mom" are you also wearing the traditional soccer mom "uniform" of jeans and sneakers?

    I too will be cooking my first Christmas Eve meal for the husband's family and I am slightly jealous of your new giant range. Unlike you, I don't tackle my fears very well so I'm thinking about using the grill instead.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  27. Megan,

    This soccer mom thing... do they ever make you bring the snacks? Or don't they do that kind of thing in your area? Just for the record, what is your favorite snack anyway?


  28. Megan........my do I miss you on GH:(!
    I saw you on Ghost Whisperer last week (I think it was).
    Kadeem Hardison too (Kadeem is wonderful, A Different World was wonderful, I miss them both:(
    You were wonderful too, I miss you too. Any upcoming GH scenes? I still haven't given up on Sonny and Kate. Right now, I am watching Natalia Livingston's West of Brooklyn and God is it good. What has happened to our GH?:(?
    Thanks for writing and letting us know how you are. I hope Christmas went well. I'm sure, with your style and flair, as a human being, actor aside, it did!:)! It's so funny, in a good and loving way, to know that stars, of which you are one of the greatest, worry about the same things much of the general public does (not me of coarse!:)

    Love you, xoxoxoxoxxo!:) Megan, write again, soon, please.