Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Laid Plans

What can I say?
I'm a girl with too many distractions. Even though I met many of my intentions in 2011, blogging was obviously not one of them.

This year, I found myself, appropriately so, right in the middle of my life. Libra tendencies in full force, I struggled physically and emotionally to find the balance between effort and surrender. (Yoga anyone?) But thru this struggle, I continued to learn about myself, my purpose and my place.

I'm learning to put my faith in the inherent promise of each new day. Every day I'm working on looking inward, instead of outward, for validation. So maybe that's why blogging just keeps getting put off for another day.

Although quiet, it's been a good year. I have much to be grateful for including having those who still care to listen. So for those who are, I defer to A A Milne & my beloved Muppets to make my melancholy point: